Season Update – bring on the finale!

What a fantastic season of rowing we have witnessed so far in the JB Sharp Regatta Series! The series, which is open to all ages and abilities, has been a showcase of talent, teamwork and sportsmanship among the participating clubs and schools. So far, we have seen four exciting regattas, each with its own highlights and challenges.

The first regatta was hosted by Glebe Rowing Club on a sunny Sunday in June at the Blackwattle Bay course. The event attracted a large number of entries predominantly from host Club Glebe, which gave them a running start on the series pointscore. The races were nevertheless fast and furious on the short course, with some close finishes and thrilling battles. Glebe Rowing Club did a great job of organising the event, providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all the competitors and spectators.

The second regatta was held at UTS / Haberfield Rowing Club, which is situated on the beautiful Iron Cove. The weather was a bit chilly, but that did not stop the rowers from giving their best on the water. The regatta featured some special events, such as the Men’s eights race (in Mexican theme), which added some fun and variety to the program. UTS / Haberfield Rowing Club also offered a delicious barbecue and coffee following the regatta.

The third regatta took place at Drummoyne Rowing Club, which has a stunning view of the Iron Cove. The regatta also had some memorable races, such as the novice singles, which saw some impressive performances from new rowers.

The fourth regatta was hosted by Balmain Rowing Club, which is located on the picturesque White Horse Point on the Balmain peninsula. The regatta was a festive affair, hosted by the club from their newly renovated clubhouse. The regatta had some exciting races, such as the handicap sculls and the women’s quads.

We are now looking forward to the fifth and final regatta of the series, which will be held at Leichhardt Rowing Club on Sunday, August 13th. This will be the grand finale of the series, where the overall pointscore winners will be announced and awarded. The regatta will also feature some special races, such as a classic Tub IVs and Regulation IV event. These races will be contested by select rowers, based on ability to row these classic style of boats. It will be a thrilling spectacle to watch!

The JB Sharp Regatta Series has been a wonderful experience for all involved, from the rowers to the volunteers to the supporters. It has been a celebration of rowing in Sydney, fostering camaraderie, competition and community spirit among the clubs and schools. We would like to thank all the supporters, organisers, officials and helpers who have made this series possible. We would also like to congratulate all the rowers who have participated in the series, whether they have won medals or not. You have all shown great enthusiasm, dedication and passion for this sport. Well done, and see you at the finale!

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