History made at the Glebe Regatta

Well we are about to start the first regatta for the series, and the registrations for the Glebe Regatta have been released online – you can view them at http://www.nswrowers.com/jbsharp/2019-2.html. In addition, some late registrations have been received this morning, which is great to see. The Boat Race Officials are now in place, the scullers heading out, and the finish line is ready for the first race.

History is being made today in the first regatta to feature the new Abbotsford Rowing Club, formerly the Sydney Women’s MLC Rowing Club. Abbotsford Rowing Club continues the long tradition of Sydney Women’s MLC, and heralds an expansion of the club into a full community rowing club – a wonderful thing to see in the Sydney Metropolitan area, as community clubs (like the Bay Clubs that host the series) are the backbone of the sport both in Sydney and across NSW.

Good luck to all competitors as we watch the Women’s Under 16 single scullers come down the course!

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