EventsRacesHostGLEBE Rowing ClubUTS HABERFIELD Rowing ClubDRUMMOYNE Rowing ClubBALMAIN Rowing ClubLEICHHARDT Rowing Club
CourseBlackwattle Bay, GlebeIron Cove bridge to UTSLeichhardt oval to DrummoyneBridge to BalmainStone wall to past Leichhardt.
Tide (early)0825 1.320703 1.230721 1.140550 1.170623 1.11
Tide (late)1349 0.631236 0.411247 0.511124 0.461148 0.57
FinalsAM500 M900 M900 M1000 M800 M
1D1-39:00MU16 1x*MU16 1x*MU16 1x*MU16 1x*MU16 1x*
2F9:10MI 4+MI 4+MI 4+MI 4+MI 4+
3F9:20WI 4xWI 4xWI 4xWI 4+WI 4x
4D1-39:30WU16 1x*WU16 1x*WU16 1x*WU16 1x*WU16 1x*
5D1-29:40MO 2-MI/U16 2xMO/U16 2xMI/U16 2xMO/U16 2x
6F9:50Para 2xPara 2xPara 2xPara 2xPara 2x
7F10:00WN 4x*WN 4x*WN 4x*WN 4x*WN 4x*
8F10:10MN 1x*MN 1x*MN 1x*MN 1x*MN 1x*
9F10:20MO 4+MO 4+MO 4+MO 4+MO 4+
10F10:30WO 4xWO 4xWO 4xWO 4xWO 4x
11W10:40WH 1x*WH 1x*WH 1x*WH 1x*WH 1x*
12M10:50MH 1x*MH 1x*MH 1x*MH 1x*MH 1x*
13F11:00MO 4xMI 4xMO 4xMO 4xMI 4x
14F11:10WO 8+WO 8+WO 8+WO 8+WO 8+
15D1-311:20WN 1x*WN 1x*WN 1x*WN 1x*WN 1x*
16F11:30MN 4x*MN 4x*MN 4x*MN 4x*MN 4x*
17D1-211:40WI 2-WO/U16 2xWI/U16 2xWO/U16 2xWI/U16 2x
18F11:50MO 8+MO 8+MO 8+MO 8+MO 8+


1. Introduction

The JB Sharp Memorial Regatta Series Inc. is an affiliated association of Rowing NSW.  Below are the rules of racing as they pertain to the JB Sharp Winter Series.  The Sharp Series is otherwise conducted under the rules of boat racing as set out by Rowing NSW from time to time, and competitors remain bound by all relevant rules and requirements of Rowing NSW.  To the extent of any inconsistency between the rules of Rowing NSW and these rules, these rules shall prevail.

2. Medallions

J. B. Sharp Series Medallions will be presented to the winner of the Handicap Scull (H 1x) and the winners of the:

  • MN 1x;
  • WN 1x;
  • MU16 1x;
  • WU16 1x;
  • MN4x; and
  • WN4x

(events marked *) at the host venue after the conclusion of the trophy races.

3. Conditions of Entry

  1. Competing (starting) in races constitutes an undertaking that competitors from clubs and schools will abide by the rules and status conditions governing competition and will comply with any decision or instruction of the J.B. Sharp Regatta Series Committee and RNSW Union of Boat Race Officials.
  2. All rowing clubs are encouraged to compete in the Series and participate in the various point scores.  Schools are invited to compete however schools are not eligible to score points in the various trophies.
  3. All competitors are required to wear their club or school’s RNSW registered racing colours and be proficient swimmers.
  4. It is the responsibility of all clubs and schools to have their competitors covered with accident and injury insurance through their registration with Rowing NSW.

4. Event Registration

      Rowing Manager
  2. Clubs and schools with more that one competitor in each event will be allocated crew numbers (eg Glebe 1, Glebe 2, Glebe 3 etc.) on the Regatta Template spread sheets and when racing must display an RNSW lane number corresponding to their listed crew number on the Template to assist the marshals, starter, umpires and judges in identifying scullers. 
  3. The Regatta Schedule will be posted on the website on the Saturday prior to the regatta. Unregistered scullers will be denied a start, except at the discretion of the Convener.

5. Rules of Racing

  1. Trophies – The Series will be contested by approved clubs and competition will take place for the following trophies:
    1. The J.B Sharp Memorial Cup – overall point score (women’s points included)**
    2. The Balmain Rowing Club ‘Bullock Horn’ Trophy – men’s & women’s Open Eights point score.
    3. The Kayser Shield – Women’s Open and Intermediate point score.
    4. Glebe Centenary Shield – Men’s Open and Intermediate point score.
    5. The John Sharp Vase – Women’s Novice & U16 point score excluding the women’s Novice Scull.
    6. The Sid Sharp Tray – Men’s Novice & U16 point score excluding the men’s Novice Scull.
    7. The Lea Insurance Brokers Trophy – Women’s Novice Scull point score.
    8. The Kevyn Webb OAM Cup – Men’s Novice Scull point score.
    9. The JB Sharp Para Shield – Male and Female Para Rowing Point Score
    10. The Walker & Hall Chalice**- Men’s Handicap Scull point score (open to all registered competitors)
    11. The BMG Aviation Chalice**- Women’s Handicap Scull point score (open to all registered competitors)
    12. Medallion/s will also be awarded to the “Beginner/s of the Series” and “Trainee Boat Race Official of the Series” at the final regatta.
  2. Points – Points will be awarded in the following manner:
    1. Novice & Under 16 races : 1st 8 points; 2nd 6 points; 3rd 3 points.
    2. Intermediate: 1st 6 points; 2nd 3 points; 3rd 2 points.
    3. Open and Para: 1st 4 points; 2nd 2 points; 3rd 1 point.
    4. Should a club or school fill two places in a race, points will only be awarded to the highest placing. Schools are not eligible to score points.
  3. Scholarships and Awards– At the end of the series, the following BMG Aviation Scholarships and Awards will be presented:
    1. BMG Aviation Youth Scholarships: BMG Aviation Youth Scholarships of up to $1,000.00 will be presented to a male and female competitor (or otherwise at the discretion of BMG and the Committee), who are 18 years of age or less, and in the first two seasons of competitive rowing. The objects of this scholarship are to support and foster the growth of new youth rowers who show potential in their first 2 seasons in the sport, and whose involvement in rowing would benefit from receiving financial support in the form of a scholarship.
    2. BMG Aviation Point Score Award: An award of $500.00 will be provided to the Club with the highest combined men’s and women’s Under 16 sculls point score at the end of the series, in recognition of their work to grow rowing, in accordance with the objects of the JB Sharp Memorial Regatta Series.
  4. Format – Five regattas will be conducted under the patronage of the Sharp family and the sponsorship of BMG Aviation each commencing at 9.00am and having 18 events at 10 minute intervals concluding at 11.50am. Each regatta will include, WHERE PERMITTED:-
    1. A novice scull for men (event 8) and women (event 14) – medallion events.
    2. A novice quad scull for men (event 15) and women (event 7) – medallion events.
    3. An Under 16 sculling event for men (event 4) and women (event 1) – medallion events.
    4. A handicap scull** (event 11) – medallion event.
    5. Three or more intermediate events, and Two or more Open events for men & women, one of which will include a combined Under 16 Open/Intermediate Double Sculls event.
    6. An Inclusive Para Double Sculls event
  5. Handicap Scull** –
    1. No points toward the Memorial Cup will be awarded for the H1x which is open to all RNSW registered competitors with the following points being allocated:  1st 8 points; 2nd 6 points; 3rd 4 points; 4th 3 points; 5th 2 points; 6th 1 point.  The finish of the H1x will be video recorded.
    2. The Handicap Scull will be divided into two divisions – Women’s and Men’s with medallions awarded for each race.
    3. Scullers “jumping the start” or starting prior to their allocated handicap will be removed from the race.
  6. Distances – The maximum distance of events will be 1000 metres or as indicated on the programme.
  7. Finish – The first crew & all subsequent crews will receive a horn blast. The race lapsed time & margins will be recorded where possible.
  8. Fields – Other than in respect of the Handicap scull, should more than 6 crews present themselves to the start, the starter will draw the competitors into two or more divisions (races). In trophy events, medallions will be awarded to the crews recording the fastest time in the event from the divisions. Points will be awarded to all divisions. Where divisions cannot be created with less numbers, fields of 9 or 10 crews will be controlled by 2 umpires.
  9. Craft & Safety – All four and eight events are coxed. Coxswains must carry weights as necessary to exceed the RNSW minimum weight rule. All quad scull events are coxless. Quads carrying coxswains will be permitted to start at the crew’s disadvantage. All quads must have an operative steering system. All equipment must comply with RNSW safety rules ie. have bow balls fitted and heel tie downs must be fitted to prevent injury and drowning.
  10. Lanes – Lane allocations will be at the discretion of the starter. In the Handicap Scull “go” will start nearest the starter and scullers will line up in order of their handicap. Host clubs will provide a marshalling boat to assist at the start.  Lane one is on the left hand (port) side when facing from the start to the finish.
  11. Coxswains  May be of either gender and must comply with the minimum weight rules (see RNSW Laws of Boat Racing).
  12. Composite  No club or school will be permitted to row composite crews. Should circumstances necessitate it, women may compete in men’s crews (to a maximum of 50%) with the exception of the MN4x; provided that the status rules are complied with. Any request for women to compete in Men’s crews must be made to the Convener at least one hour prior to the event.  Failure to seek permission will result in the crew not being judged, or not being permitted to race, at the discretion of the Referee and/or Umpire controlling the race. All women’s crews are not permitted to contest men’s events.
  13. Rowers Changing Clubs  Competitors must race only for the club of their current RNSW registration. This is essential for accident insurance cover.
  14. Status –
    1. Novice or D Grade Sculls– Competitors in the NOVICE SCULL MUST NEVER HAVE FACED THE STARTER IN ROWING, SCULLING, SURF BOAT &/OR SCHOOL ROWING EVENTS (excluding coxswains) prior to the commencement of the Series and must be registered with the Convener (see 4.). Severe penalties apply for breaches to the status rules.
    2. Novice Quad Sculls-
      1. For the purpose of the Series a novice competitor is one who has not won three (D Grade) or novice races as a rower or three (D Grade) novice races as a sculler or won a higher standard of race prior to the Series [have a grade score of 3.25 or more].
      2. Once a novice competitor has won a race in a class of boat (1x, 4x) during the Series, he/she/they are no longer able to compete in novice events in that class of boat.  
    3. Under 16 – A competitor ceases to be Under 16 on 31st December of the year in which he/she reaches the age of 15 years. Under 16 scullers must be registered with the Convener (see Item 4.).
    4. Intermediate or B Grade –  For the purposes of the Series an intermediate competitor must have a RNSW grade score of 1.25 or more must never have :
      1. won a Senior (A Grade), or Elite race at any level of competition,
      2. won a Senior B (U23) Championship at state or national level or a Senior B race at a National Selection Regatta;
      3. represented the state or Australia at an interstate or international regatta in Senior A, Elite or Open events.
    5. Open Events  Are open to all registered competitors.
    6. Para Events – The Para 2x is open to all RNSW registered competitors with at least 50% of the crew of each para boat registered competitors classified as para competitors pursuant to rule (2)(b)(ix) of the Rowing NSW Laws of Boat Racing. Para crews will be afforded a ‘staggered start’ on the following basis:
 500m Distance 1000m Distance
PARA (both athletes classified)
INCLUSIVE (one athlete classified)
Mixed (para male)182543355085
Mixed (para female)202745405590

6. Breach of the Rules

Any breach of these rules may result in disqualification from a race; an event; or for an event for the entire Series and/or disqualification of a club or school from the Series. Breaches of the status rules will result in removal from the race/s and a fine of 16 points deduction per race.

7. Protests

Written protests and appeals must be lodged, either by the protesting crew or a delegated representative of the protesting club or school, with the Referee and will be considered by the Jury in consultation with the Convener. The decision of the Jury will be final and binding.

8. Inclement Weather

A regatta may be postponed or abandoned by the Convener in consultation with the Referee and Jury due to inclement weather. Such a decision will be made prior to or during the regatta.

9. Regatta Management

Rowing NSW will administer the regattas on behalf of the J.B. Sharp Memorial Regatta Series Committee. A roster of officials and trainees for each regatta will be published. The support of RNSW and the NSW Union of Boat Race Officials in the conduct of the Series is most appreciated.

A medallion will be awarded for “Trainee Race Official of the Series” at the final regatta.

10. Regatta Volunteers

To assist in recruiting more Boat Race Officials, all competing clubs are asked to provide a minimum of one trainee (new) official for each regatta. Host clubs must provide race marshals in a boat at the start. Instructions to clubs hosting a regatta are posted on the website.

11. Regatta Information

Please refer to the website for:

  • regatta results;
  • the regatta Template with the programme, officials, sculler’s numbers and handicaps;
  • the current point scores;
  • sculler registration form;
  • scholarship application;
  • instructions to host clubs for staging their regatta;
  • programme and rules etc. 

For all enquiries, contact the convener Liam James.